Steve Andrews had planned on bringing his Florida-themed oil paintings to an art show in Sanford this weekend, but the coronavirus canceled the show. 

Instead, Andrews, a local worker's compensation attorney, hung his paintings in a tent set up on the front lawn of his Sleepy Hollow Circle home to give his neighbors a chance to check out his work. 

His only advertising: a chalkboard sign in the road that reads "ART SHOW mine was cancelled so I'm having one anyway, come on in, social distance please, no buying just looking."

He set up the tent Saturday night in preparation for Sunday. Not many passersby had stopped by before 2 p.m., but Andrews expected more traffic later in the day. 

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"We have a pretty good group of people that walk this neighborhood mostly in the afternoon," he said. 

The 60-year-old has been interested in art for most of his life but began painting regularly about 25 years ago.

"My wife gave me a watercolor set to get me off the golf course," he said. "And it turned into this crazy hobby."

体育在线365The Titusville native enjoys painting landscapes that depict scenes from around Florida and especially Central Florida. 

"That kind of area is a lot of what I come back to, but I've been in Tallahassee since 1977," the Florida State University grad said. 

体育在线365Andrews uses painting to get away from the stresses of being an attorney. 

"My line I give is that in my real life, I have angry people and deadlines and stupid questions and when I come home, without trying to, it just comes out in a calm and serene...." he said. "I guess it's just the other side of my brain coming out," 

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