Tallahassee police arrested two men in connection with the heist of dozens of firearms from Kevin's Guns & Sporting Goods.

体育在线365Kwantreus Jshon Duncan, 22, and Marchay Cromartie, 18, were each arrested on 44 counts of grand theft of a firearm and one count of armed burglary, according to Leon Circuit Court records. They are being held in the Leon County Detention Facility.

体育在线365Some 44 firearms, mostly handguns, were stolen when thieves hit the store in an overnight burglary April 22. The theft wasn't discovered until morning when an employee reported for work.

体育在线365Newly released arrest records give some details on how the suspects got in and out of the store — they broke out the glass in the front entrance, then scaled past metal bars.

"The bars on the interior of the door were still in place, meaning the suspect(s) would have had to climb over the bars to gain entry," the records state. "A search of both the interior and exterior of the business was conducted to determine if there were any other points of entry, to which none were found."

Court documents say an employee activated the alarm when he left the business around 6:15 p.m. the day before. The records don't mention why an alarm never went off.

Authorities cracked the case late last month after a tipster gave information to the investigators with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

The tipster said Derontae Kerbo and another man tried to sell him one of the stolen guns in Thomasville, Georgia. The tipster also said the suspects showed him news coverage of the burglary on a cell phone and bragged about committing the break-in. 

体育在线365"The tipster told (the suspects) the price they were asking was close to retail value and it seemed steep for what he believed was a 'hot' firearm," court records say. "(The suspects) offered to lower the price but the tipster stated they were not interested."

体育在线365Kerbo was arrested on outstanding warrants by law enforcement in Thomasville and later interviewed by TPD investigators.

体育在线365He admitted his involvement and named people who committed the burglary with him, according to court records. However, TPD said his initial statement was "somewhat inaccurate" because he was trying to steer investigators away from certain suspects.

Authorities in Georgia have arrested at least six other people — two adults and four juveniles — in the theft, though only a few of the firearms have been recovered.

Investigators have said they believe most of the guns have found their way into illegal markets. One of the guns was believed to have been used in connection with a fatal shooting in Albany, Georgia.

体育在线365Surveillance video from nearby businesses showed four to six suspects, some wearing all black, running or walking toward Kevin's in the early morning hours the day of the break-in. Physical descriptions could not be obtained from one video, though two individuals were identifiable in one of the videos, police said.

体育在线365Some 46 firearms were reported stolen, though the ATF determined the actual number to be 44, according to court records. Thirty-eight of the firearms were pistols, including 10 semi-automatics. The other six were rifles.

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